Our Services

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing data. At Sagence, we customize unique data solutions to meet individual strategic objectives.

Align Data and Business Strategies

Evolve and test business strategy using data. Sagence organizes existing information to set strategy and measure outcomes, eliminating the guesswork from decision-making.


Develop Insight using Data Science

Turn data into actionable knowledge. Using modern tools and quantitative techniques, Sagence delivers data and analytical insight to the right people at the right time.


Manage Data Change

Expertly implement data strategies and respond to data-oriented regulations. Sagence deploys seasoned teams to design data governance structures and execute complex change programs.


Build Data Platforms

Make data more understandable and accessible for all levels of data users. Sagence uses an agile methodology to build data warehouses and data lakes, dashboards, and self-service BI platforms.


Deploy Emerging Data Technologies

Accomplish business goals faster by applying innovative technology. Sagence reduces adoption risk and tightly manages value in deploying new technologies for acquiring data (natural language processing) and securely sharing data (entitlements, encryption, tokenization, embargo, chain-of-custody).