Data Science: Jump Start Your Approach

Inaction breeds doubt and fear.
Action breeds confidence and courage.
If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.
Go out and get busy.

(Dale Carnegie)

With the velocity of innovation increasing daily, companies must take proactive steps to capitalize on their core competencies and capture and maintain competitive advantages in the marketplace. Many companies already leverage their data assets to increase market share and generate margin expansion. If your company or firm has fallen behind the curve, it is not too late to start.

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review blog highlights important aspects of achieving Data ROI. A key takeaway, is taking a holistic approach to Data ROI, which focuses on strategy first and ROI second.

Companies are often afraid to take the first step as executives may hesitate to initiate Big Data programs without a clear path to ROI. However, when it comes to data science, analytics and management, inaction is the greater risk. Without a dedicated plan to capitalize on data assets, companies risk falling behind the competition. In addition, the insight that data science provides can open up new markets and help identify blue ocean strategies rather than innovating through product cannibalization.

All industries, not just high-tech, need to view data as an asset in the 21st century. Untapped opportunities abound when utilizing the right approach. Sagence employs a multi-faceted solution to resourcefully leverage a company’s data assets:

  •          Define: Assessment & Strategy
  •          Design: Analytics & Management
  •          Deploy: Execution & Due Diligence

With our significant data expertise and experience, we can assist your firm in developing a holistic approach to data science, which enhances strategy and provides significant ROI.