We have helped our healthcare clients effectively build data related capabilities that meet institutional standards as well as providing analytical flexibility.

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Industry Challenges


Data sharing between healthcare institutions has increased tenfold in the last five years.  However, as data interoperability standards, such as HL7 and FHIR have emerged, every data sharing opportunity is a complex negotiation of data content, format and exchange method resulting in increased costs.  Sagence has helped clients evaluate current practices and structure data governance processes to adhere to these standards.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning is changing the way patients and doctors interact.  Forbes estimates that machine learning technology will help with the diagnosis of patients in 90% of hospitals by 2025.  Sagence works with leading providers to appropriately feed and structure AIML systems to increase these capabilities.

Data Security and Access

In an industry where regulations are plentiful and varied, ensuring data security is critical, particularly where cost of breaches are the highest of any industry.  Sagence works with clients to preserve data privacy while securely sharing data for research, analytics, transparency and operational improvements.

Big Data Enabling Key Analysis

Health care organizations struggle with massive amounts of data in an increasing number of formats from a variety of data sources including, electronic health records, financial records, wearable fitness trackers and more.  We've helped our clients get a handle of the complex data flows, proprietary data retrieval languages and visualization capabilities to enable better business decisions.

Enterprise Data Platform

Due to various sources and types of data being consumed, managed and tracked, data integration is challenging.  From strategy to implementation of cutting edge data warehouse architectures, we help healthcare companies create adaptable information ecosystems that deliver the necessary data for administrative and clinical users.