Financial Services

We have assisted our Financial Services clients with business challenges requiring data solutions across a variety of domains including client, product, market, transaction and reference data.

Industry Challenges

Security and Privacy

Financial services firms experience cyber-attacks much more than other businesses.  Each data breach can cost financial services firms millions of dollars.  Simultaneously, additional privacy regulations, such as CCPA, are being enforced.

Regulatory Compliance

Aggregating and consolidating data to meet regulatory mandates like Dodd-Frank, Basel III, BCBS 239, EMIR, MiFID and AML continues to be one of the top challenges in financial services.  Sagence is working with leading investment banks, asset managers, ratings agencies and trusts to ensure they are meeting regulatory target dates.

Managing Big Data

As data volumes continue to increase, financial services firms need to effectively acquire, manage and distribute relevant data.  We've helped our clients architect solutions and implement tools for managing both structured and unstructured data.

Disruptive Technologies

Financial services firms are investing in robotics, A/I, workflow automation and natural language processing (NLP) to stay competitive with newer firms that were "born digital".  Sagence has assisted financial services firms with leveraging NLP for document and contract management.

Customer Expectations

Customers expect flexible, personalized service from their financial institutions 24x7 and are available on their mobile devices.  Incumbents are facing competition from Fin-Techs who are well positioned to deliver.  Sagence is working with major banks and insurance companies to develop operating models to remain competitive.

Client Success Stories

Implementing a Right-Sized Data Governance Solution to Support Analytics

Sagence stood-up a data governance program that helped an insurance company advance their analytical capabilities, simplify workflows and improve reporting reliability.


Enterprise Data Architecture Strategy and Roadmap

A premier financial utility firm, experienced data challenges after substantial growth through mergers and acquisitions


Reducing Manual Intervention and Cost with Natural Language Processing

Sagence provided an integrated NLP solution to capture key information from unstructured data that dramatically increased quality, reduced risk, and reduced the manual effort and associated cost by approximately 60%.


A Constituent Relationship Management Framework (CoRM) for a Central Bank

Sagence’s expertise in customer relationship management (CRM) assisted a central bank branch developing a framework for managing constituent relationships


Implementing a Data Sandbox to Ensure FATCA Regulatory Compliance

A global investment bank, private bank, and an asset management group, needed a proactive data driven solution to manage tax compliance for counter parties


Developing a Data Governance Program to Unlock the Business Value of Client Data

Sagence conducted a data governance assessment for a wealth management firm, resulting in the development of an adaptive data governance organization that provided tangible benefits to the business


Establishing a BCBS 239 Compliance Program at a Global Investment Bank

Sagence’s experience in regulatory compliance assisted an investment bank in designing, developing and managing initiatives to ensure BCBS 239 compliance


Ensuring Dodd-Frank Regulatory Compliance for Counterparty Data

A European-based multinational investment firm, requested Sagence’s help to manage changes to reference data systems that required re-classification of pre-existing accounts and a new counterparty onboarding process.