Financial Services

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Sagence is working with major financial institutions to leverage their client and product data to succeed in the post-crisis environment. We help our clients manage customer disruption, respond to increased regulatory requirements, and deal with global economic uncertainty.

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Industry Focus

Growth & Operational Efficiencies

Growth is a strategic priority for financial services CEOs. Data-enabled capabilities that enhance customer relationships and experiences are fundamental to today’s growth strategies. And operational efficiency continues to be a key competitive driver.

Security & Enterprise Risk Management

Post-Snowden concerns about data breaches shed light on how susceptible a firm’s data is to both external and internal attacks. But locking down the data is the exact opposite mandate of Chief Data Officers. Sagence is helping our clients move from a “need-to-know” operating environment to an “ought-to-know” culture.

Regulation, Risk, & Compliance

Finding the right skills and capabilities to manage data requirements and aggregate and consolidate data in order to meet ever shifting regulatory mandates like Dodd-Frank, Basel III, BCBS 239, EMIR, MiFID, and AML continues to be one of the top challenges in the financial services industry and one with the highest financial and legal consequences. Sagence is working with the leading investment banks, asset managers, ratings agencies, and trusts to ensure they are meeting and exceeding regulatory expectations.

Emerging Business Models

Global investment in FinTech exceeds $12 billion. Some of the largest financial technology disruptors include new technology that enables merchants to accept almost any type of payment from anywhere in the world, blockchain technology, and distributed transaction banking services. While the technology may be new, the key to successful implementation is not. Sagence is working with our clients to develop data-enabled business strategies to keep them competitive in today’s evolving financial markets.

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