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Transforming a Legacy Technical Environment for Modern Advancement Data Management

Sagence worked with a broad range of internal and peripheral stakeholders to create a data platform architecture that fit within the client’s unique environment and allowed Advancement to take a leading role in campus-wide data management.

Establishing an Enterprise Data Hub Helps Maximize Alumni Fundraising

Sagence developed an enterprise data hub (EDH) to help maximize the fundraising efforts of the Alumni Relationship Department of a major research university. 

Defining a Future State Alumni Engagement Data Strategy and Architecture

Sagence worked with senior leaders to identify components of the alumni journey to improve the alumni experience and developed a roadmap that identified the workstreams required to achieve the future state vision.

Data Platform Implementation and Maintenance for a Leading Rehabilitation Hospital

Sagence built a data platform that enabled a hospital to centralize their key data assets in one shareable location. Reports and dashboards were then created using the data sourced from this new system.

Sagence BI Platform Enables Automated Accounting & Operations Reporting

Sagence implemented the client’s first data and reporting platform for the accounting and operations team to generate the 50+ monthly reports that were previously produced manually.

A Cloud-Based Data Warehouse to Enable Self-Service BI

Sagence implemented a data warehouse that allowed data scientists to properly source the data needed to prove program efficacy and respond more quickly to customer report requests.

Market Sizing Initiative for a Retail Software Company

Sagence helped a retail software company conduct a market sizing initiative to help focus their sales and marketing activities.

Pricing Analysis and Reporting/Optimization Solution

Sagence conducted an in-depth analysis of our client’s pricing practices and developed unique reporting views to guide future pricing activity.

Developing Customer Valuation Models for a Health Care Retailer

Sagence used its expertise in machine learning and statistical analysis to develop models that determined the incremental value of a specific set of interactions with its customers.

Developing a Marketing Data Warehouse for Customer Analytics

Sagence implemented a marketing data warehouse that provided a nutritional supplements direct marketer much needed customer intelligence.

Optimization of Retail Inventory Control and Quality Assurance

A leading retailer was seeking innovative approaches to gain visibility and control over inventory within their supply chain. 

Metric Tracking and Improved Reporting at a Nationwide Pharmacy Chain

Sagence assisted a national pharmacy with a program to unify their various analytics teams, build a single set of metrics and simplify the process of extracting and visualizing those metrics.

A Data Strategy and Roadmap for a Prominent Medical Organization

Sagence’s expertise in healthcare, data architecture and data strategy helped a member-based medical organization develop a plan to create a comprehensive data source to aid in the prevention of chronic diseases.

Becoming a Data-Driven Hospital With a New Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy and Roadmap

Sagence developed a comprehensive data strategy that enabled a leading specialty hospital to shift to a new care model of translational medicine and transform itself into a data-driven organization.

Implementing Master Data Management to Improve Patient Matching Processes

Master data concepts were adopted and supported across all client systems, leading to a decrease in manual processing and reporting errors while improving data quality and analytics.

Analytics for Claims Performance Management at a Leading Hospital

Without flexible analytics, a leading hospital had a significant claims denial rate that resulted in loss of revenue. Sagence helped build the analytics capabilities to improve the claims approval rate.

Architecting A Data-Centric Self Service BI Model

Sagence assisted a national health data and analytics provider in developing a scalable self-service BI solution for their customers that also dramatically reduced operational costs. 

Implementing a Right-Sized Data Governance Solution to Support Analytics

Sagence stood-up a data governance program that helped an insurance company advance their analytical capabilities, simplify workflows and improve reporting reliability.

Enterprise Data Architecture Strategy and Roadmap

A premier financial utility firm, experienced data challenges after substantial growth through mergers and acquisitions

Ensuring Compliance with CFTC 1.73 to Manage Client Risk Exposure

Sagence’s deep experience in financial regulatory compliance helped a multi-national futures clearing merchant (FCM) better understand client risk exposure and ensure compliance with CFTC 1.73.

Implementing a Data Sandbox to Ensure FATCA Regulatory Compliance

A global investment bank, private bank, and an asset management group, needed a proactive data driven solution to manage tax compliance for counter parties

A Constituent Relationship Management Framework (CoRM) for a Central Bank

Sagence’s expertise in customer relationship management (CRM) assisted a central bank branch developing a framework for managing constituent relationships

Developing a Data Governance Program to Unlock the Business Value of Client Data

Sagence conducted a data governance assessment for a wealth management firm, resulting in the development of an adaptive data governance organization that provided tangible benefits to the business

Ensuring Dodd-Frank Regulatory Compliance for Counterparty Data

A European-based multinational investment firm, requested Sagence’s help to manage changes to reference data systems that required re-classification of pre-existing accounts and a new counterparty onboarding process.