Becoming a Data-Driven Hospital With a New Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategy and Roadmap

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Sagence developed a comprehensive data strategy that enabled a leading specialty hospital to shift to a new care model of translational medicine and transform itself into a data-driven organization utilizing its data assets that can be readily assessed and analyzed.


The client was looking to transform the hospital into a data-driven organization.  They wanted a strategy for a data warehouse environment that would support the strategic goals of multiple departments and the needs of a diverse user base into a single source of information. Key initiatives included:

  • Shifted the focus to a new care model that integrated clinical practice with research to measure and improve patient results.
  • Developed advanced outcome measures that prove the value of their rehabilitation services to the payor community.
  • Captured information generated by medical devices for use in future analysis.


We interviewed key constituencies throughout the organization to assess current state capabilities and long-term strategic goals.  We developed the blueprint for a data warehouse environment advising on technical architecture, organizational considerations for a new data/analytics function and an implementation roadmap.  The proposed solution utilized the latest paradigms in data warehousing in healthcare to support key organizational goals.

The architected solution was hosted on a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based environment. The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standard was utilized allowing the client to adopt to changing information needs (e.g. new types of data), as well as incorporate with relative ease to any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendor and other source systems.  The solution was scalable allowing the client to incorporate datasets from outside parties and information storage needs.


The implemented data warehouse enabled the client to fully utilize all their data assets including, clinical, device, finance and patient demographics for analysis by developing new insights to continue to provide superior patient care.

The organization’s research endeavors, critical for the development of new therapies and a key differentiator from competitors, will also greatly benefit from having a single source of connected information that can be readily accessed and analyzed. High quality data across all major hospital functions can be accessed to identify areas for improvement, such as financial and clinical impact of complete research portfolios, clinical data sets needed for advanced analytics to prove better patient outcomes are being achieved and senior leadership dashboards to make timely strategic decisions.