Rapidly Scale an Organization with Natural Language Processing

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Sagence’s natural language processing services helped a ratings agency automate data collection virtually eliminating manual processes and enabling the firm to rapidly scale.


A well established financial ratings agency faced a challenge:  it was no longer cost efficient to manually collect and process the scale of data required to provide their ratings. Sagence utilized natural language processing to automate the process.


Sagence utilized natural language processing automation to parse key information within unstructured documents. We obtained application and data requirements that described the nature of the targeted data and its sources. With these requirements, we developed an end-to-end unstructured data management and analytics solution. The solution retrieved content from source documents and pre-processed those documents to adjust and correct for document errors. Our solution then used natural language processing to process the unstructured data content and find key information. The solution also included workflow and manual edit capabilities as well as distribution to other systems via XML standard.


Sagence provided an integrated solution to capture key information from unstructured data sources that dramatically increased quality, reduced risks, and reduced the manual effort and associated cost by approximately 60%.

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