Process Optimization Generates Accurate Give-Up Invoicing

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Sagence’s process optimization services enabled a brokerage to generate accurate give-up invoices by eliminating data quality issues causing millions of dollars in uncollected receivables monthly.


Our client, a global multi-asset brokerage struggled to generate accurate give-up invoices, which resulted in millions of dollars in uncollected account receivables monthly. Unresolved data quality issues and slow recovery efforts led to the write-offs. The client engaged Sagence to evaluate how to forensically optimize business processes and to improve overall data quality issues.


Solving data quality issues as a whole was necessary to generate accurate give-up invoices. Sagence regenerated give-up invoices by profiling raw data and analyzing business rules (trades, rates, products, invoices, EGUS agreements). We developed a logical data model to illustrate the key data elements, relationships, dependencies, and rules needed to generate a correct invoice.


When implemented, Sagence’s data model will enable our client to generate accurate give-up invoices, helping them collect ~$50M* in outstanding account receivables and potentially deliver a 4x-40x ROI.

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