Performance Dashboard Design for Streamlined Reporting

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Our KPI dashboard design and implementation solutions helped a national pharmacy healthcare provider automate a tedious inventory reporting process, giving its analytics team time to perform value-add analysis.


Our client’s retail pharmacy operations department had a drug inventory reporting process that was often delayed, requiring many manual and cross-departmental inputs. Necessary data was stored in a data warehouse and managed by a separate team, which hindered the inventory team from accessing the information with ease. Furthermore, the supplied data lacked master data on various drug attributes. This required further preparation by the team, exacerbating the delays and creating errors during the process.


The Sagence first identified key data sources from the data warehouse. We developed an automated process to combine the disparate data sources, including drug and store data, into one comprehensive view. Our team identified the key metrics and automated the calculations that were being performed manually. We then connected a data visualization tool to the enhanced view of returns data to create dashboards that enabled users to drill down into key metrics and the drivers of return.


Over the course of the year, our client was able to reduce the amount of time spent on the drug inventory returns process by more than 800 hours. Since eliminating the time spent on finding the right data and manually preparing it for analysis, the inventory team now focuses on performing value-add analysis on inventory returns, which has translated into improved forecasting, and redesigning the overall returns process to be more efficient.