Market Sizing Initiative for a Retail Software Company

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Sagence helped a retail software company conduct a market sizing initiative to help focus their sales and marketing activities.


Our client needed a data-driven market sizing analysis that could stand up to investor scrutiny and drive specific sales pursuits.


Sagence used a three-step approach to determine market size by both, business count and marketing spend:

  1. Identified the qualitative and quantitative filters and metrics that drive the base market requirements unique to the client.
  2. Combined top-down, openly available business count data by industry and by country with bottom’s-up, company-specific data captured through web harvesting and tracking services to find the total number of businesses.
  3. Determined high level estimates of marketing spend by industry, using primary and secondary information.


The market sizing exercise created a structured, defendable, and repeatable market sizing foundation that was well received by senior executives and the board. The exercise created a base analysis for our client’s marketing team to drive further projects and initiatives, and helped the sales team identify and target new targets for growth.