Establishing an Enterprise Data Hub Helps Maximize Alumni Fundraising

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Sagence developed an enterprise data hub (EDH) to help maximize the fundraising efforts of the Alumni Relationship Department of a major research university.  The EDH made data more accessible to gift officers and facilitated analytics and reporting.


The University was unable to efficiently track donor gifts from e-mail appeals campaigns. The legacy system  required a long, manual, error-prone gift tracking process. Additionally, the University had an inability to effectively segment and target donors for a given fundraising appeal.


Sagence designed a focused data architecture including key domain data, using reporting requirement wire frames created with the client. The data architecture was developed using an ETL process from client data sources to create new dimensions, facts, and marts in an Oracle data warehouse using Hadoop, Sqoop, ODI and Python, among other technologies. The Sagence team then built an Enterprise Data Hub, transitioning analytical and operational data, developing reporting structures to meet prioritized business reporting needs, and providing overall NGFT architecture oversight.


The new data architecture enabled tracking of gifts tied directly to e-mail appeals through a Tableau dashboard. The EDH also eliminated the manual processes required to generate reports. It allowed Gift Officers to more efficiently identify and interact with high value donors, increasing capacity to engage with more potential donors. Analytics and algorithms were built off of data created personas that identified potential future high value donors. That identification along with increased efficiency of Gift Officer workflow allowed University to reallocate headcount towards potential high lifetime value donors.