Enterprise Data Warehouse Drives Evidence-Based Outcome Measures for World-Renowned Hospital

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Sagence’s experience in enterprise data warehouse development and business intelligence helped a hospital eliminate manual data mining and develop evidence-based outcome measures for patient care.


Data stored in disparate systems, insufficient data analysis, and a lack of data visualization tools limited a leading rehabilitation hospital’s ability to analyze and maintain a growing research department. The staff spent an excessive amount of time manually mining data across various systems and struggled to produce insightful reports, which hindered their ability to bring in additional research grants as well as their capacity to access and search the patient population data required to discover research subjects.


Utilizing an Agile approach, Sagence built an enterprise data warehouse for the hospital. The EDW enabled data integration by source and was able to support the department’s growing analytical needs. Data from accounting, grant contracts, human resources, and compliance information formed the initial EDW input. Sagence designed a robust business reporting and KPI dashboard environment which gave users easily executable, timely, and compelling insights. To help researchers select eligible patients for studies, we extracted unstructured data from patient records to create an internal elastic search engine.


The enterprise data warehouse contributed to making the research administration department more efficient and analytically capable. Data visualization tools and automated reporting collects information on every patient (current and past) helping our client maximize patient outcomes and ultimately patient recovery.