Developing a Data Governance Program to Unlock the Business Value of Client Data

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Sagence conducted a data governance assessment for a wealth management firm, resulting in the development of an adaptive data governance organization that provided tangible benefits to the business.


With the primary objectives of improving business reporting, driving innovation and enhancing their client’s overall experience, a privately owned wealth management firm desired a better understanding of the current state of its client-oriented data and data governance capabilities. The client wanted to improve its overall data quality and data management processes as it launches initiatives, ranging from migrating to the Cloud, developing a mobile application and releasing new digital capabilities to meet increasing client demands.


The Sagence team conducted a data governance assessment and executed a pilot on a subset of the firm’s own client data. The data governance assessment included interviews from key data users across the client’s organization and provided a scorecard of its current state versus target state, producing a data governance maturity spectrum. The gap between the current and target states fed into a roadmap paved with concrete steps to achieve business objectives through data governance.

Tactically, the roadmap included the launching of a pilot data governance process that could evolve into a program. The pilot included the identification of critical data elements within a target client dataset, demonstration of a data governance organization structure for implementing change and creation of an operating model for identifying and solving data issues going forward.

The strategic component of the roadmap outlined and prioritized next steps the client could take to advance its data governance capabilities and achieve its objectives.


The execution of the pilot established a data governance culture, modeled the organizational structure from which to govern the client’s data and allowed senior leadership to see how this new approach could be integrated without taxing existing processes and personnel. The assessment findings, coupled with the pilot deliverables provided tangible results the organization could implement immediately and over the long-run to become more data-driven and continue maintaining its respected brand. The Sagence team was able to support our client by building a small data governance team and helping them execute data management best practices that tied directly with specific business priorities.