A Data Strategy and Roadmap for a Prominent Medical Organization

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Sagence’s expertise in healthcare, data architecture and data strategy helped a member-based medical organization develop a plan to create a comprehensive data source to aid in the prevention of chronic diseases.  The effort refined business requirements and evaluated a variety of candidate partners across different sources of data including: data research networks, population health management, medical device manufacturing and internet-of-things (IoT) devices.

The roadmap included tactical and strategic components and contained extensive candidate partner evaluations.  Conversations with key partners confirmed their ability and willingness to collaborate with our client on this project.


Our client’s vision is to become the authoritative voice on key, chronic diseases in the nation.  The client asked us to establish the feasibility of working with various partners to create a nationally representative data source to enable the prevention of chronic diseases.  The data would be used to create patient and clinic-specific dashboards, support clinical research and facilitate population health management.

Much of the data required to support the client’s business objectives are restricted based on HIPAA and other guidelines. The client needed to find ways to leverage the data, while keeping well within these guidelines. Verification of candidate partner’s ability and willingness to participate in this program was needed and a specific action plan with recommendations for data partnership was sought.


Sagence conducted product strategy sessions with the client to establish the desired attributes for potential data partners across several data domains.  We then assessed the health data landscape to identify what types of data would be feasible to acquire through these partners.  Through the course of the project, we worked with our client to refine the requirements and selection criteria as they better understood the feasibility of their original goals.

We scored potential partners based on key attributes and their fit within the overall healthcare data landscape. Detailed profiles were created for all candidate partners and the leading candidates for partnership were vetted through interviews with their organizational leadership.

To help our client visualize how the information from key data domains might be used, we developed sample dashboards for key data types. Finally, we developed an action plan for pursing the recommended relationships through a series of prioritized pilots.


Our recommendations provided the client with an immediate actionable roadmap to initiate the creation of a clinical data (preferred data domain) repository to support their goal of becoming an authoritative voice on key chronic diseases.   As a result of the partner executive interviews, they were able to immediately begin negotiations with several candidate partners.  Additional planning was provided to expand the client’s presence within the domain of patient-generated data through longer-term, strategic initiatives.