A Controlled Data Sharing Framework at a Global Investment Bank

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The controlled data sharing framework Sagence developed enabled an investment bank’s research department to easily discover and safely share valuable data assets across the department and with the Bank’s investment clients while mature data management and data governance practices allow the department to clearly demonstrate improved operational efficiencies.


Our client, the research department of an investment bank with $90B market cap, provides analysis of companies, industries, markets, and world economies. Their clients use this information to make well-timed and informed business decisions on everything from risk management to capital allocation. While our client’s research analysts generate a wealth of valuable analysis and data, the information is not leveraged across the department or the bank’s investment clients.


The effort wasted locating data assets, understanding their contents and sharing restrictions, and in many cases duplicated work, increased the cost of research. The Department needed to demonstrate improvement in streamlining their operations.


The bank turned to Sagence to define a path toward improved data management and enable a streamlined and controlled sharing of granular data and insights across the research department and with the bank’s investment clients.


Our team led a series of workshops with the research department’s senior leadership to elicit their vision for industrialized data sharing practices, both within the investment bank and externally with the bank’s clients. We prioritized leadership’s requirements based on insights from the workshops and launched a pilot program within the research department focusing on three areas: repository, registry, and governance.


We interviewed analysts and other key personnel to better understand current practices and identified challenges. We then analyzed the data repository to learn who was authoring what and which data assets. After completing our inventory, we registered the assets using descriptive metadata practices. We utilized our extensive data governance expertise to develop a custom framework for the investment bank’s research department that defined who could find, access, and leverage the repository’s assets. Concurrently, a technical assessment was conducted to determine what improvements would be needed to support industrialized data sharing practices.


Based on the information obtained during the pilot and from the interviews, Sagence designed a bespoke framework to guide the organization through the changes required to enhance controlled data sharing practices. The framework included categorization schemes for the data assets, processes for data management, and organizational structure for needed skills and headcounts.


Sagence Controlled Data Sharing Framework

Sagence Controlled Data Sharing Framework



As a result of this rapid assessment pilot, research department leadership has a practical and proven operating model for the data management organization, including the appropriate processes, skill profiles, and required headcounts. The department also has a complete understanding of the technical architecture needed to support controlled data sharing practices. The research department has cataloged over 300 data assets now discoverable by research members, significantly enhancing collaboration, reuse, and the potential development of research products. These improvements demonstrate more streamlined operations and increased efficiencies.