Clear Data Entitlements Enable Secure Data Sharing Practices

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Sagence’s data entitlement framework enabled a financial regulatory institution to control and share information by removing data silos and securely sharing data across the enterprise.


A financial regulatory institution realized their heavily-siloed data prevented them from effectively monitoring economic conditions and predicting complex market scenarios. They resolved to tear down the complex data silos that separated massive amounts of economic data.


Sagence has developed an initial data access management framework composed of the following four components: 1) a detailed data model designed to accommodate a broad range of heterogeneous data assets, 2) a supporting process model outlining relevant operating processes to search and request data assets, 3) a data governance model to onboard and manage data assets as well as the data model and its supporting taxonomies, and 4) supporting technology evaluations, use cases, and high-level recommendations to support subsequent data sharing implementation.


Our client now has a piloted proof of concept for a viable controlled data sharing capability. Additionally, our client has a clear and detailed recommendation on future process, governance, and technology required to implement the controlled data sharing capability across the enterprise.

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