Building Data Governance for Effective Change Management

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Sagence’s data governance services enabled a software solutions provider to generate forward-looking analyses to improve customer insights across their enterprise, cloud, middleware, storage, and virtualization software divisions.


Our client, a leading provider of software solutions to individual and enterprise customersidentified data as central to the organization’s growth strategy. However, access to data was neither convenient, efficient, nor effective which limited their ability to make decisions based on high-quality data and well-managed information assets. Specifically, the business lacked confidence in the reliability and accuracy of its customer data records. Although our client assigned dedicated data stewards, the issues persisted and the efforts could not scale.


Sagence took a structured and pragmatic approach to building data governance, managing a thoughtful balance between the traditional “vertical” design and a “horizontal” approach to enabling business imperatives. Our team started by conducting a cross-enterprise survey to identify common themes around data governance and management issues. We then prioritized these into use cases to accelerate value realization for the organization. This exercise included standardizing business glossary templates, quantifying duplicate customer records by source, and defining a resource plan for a comprehensive enterprise data governance program. We then designed an industry standard data governance capability model and outlined a data governance organizational transformation roadmap. To alleviate immediate business needs, we delivered a data ownership policy that established responsibilities across the organization.


The  client was able to meet their growth strategy and risk reduction goals. Sagence’s work made up the key components of their enterprise data governance framework. The framework laid forth the processes, organization, policies, and tools necessary to enhance the company’s data governance “vertical” design and build a solid foundation for future iterations. Our unique approach addressed the client’s data management challenges, improved the data integrity of customer records, and enhanced overall data governance capabilities. The new capabilities translated into significantly lower resource allocation for data issue resolution and more efficient reporting, leading the way for faster decision making on operational and strategic initiatives across the entire organization.