Analyzing Consumer Usage Data for Product Trends

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Sagence’s innovation portfolio management expertise helped a software company generate trends in product usage data to better understand consumer behavior across its diverse user base.


Our client is the world’s best language software company. Their business model was based upon their consumers having a perpetual license to their software. Our client wanted to evaluate how a shift to a subscription-based model would impact the business. To do this, they needed a better understanding of existing consumer usage patterns and drop-offs. While product usage data was available, it had historically garnered little interest. The perpetual license business model placed more emphasis on customer acquisition than on retention, which pushed ongoing product usage analysis to the side. Our client did not have the capacity or the necessary skill sets to perform the analyses and sought Sagence’s combined business, data, and analytics expertise.


Our client first needed to ensure the validity of the usage data being extracted, and then leverage this information to identify key customer engagement metrics. To do this, Sagence selected numerous usage data sources to establish an analytical environment. Our team performed analyses to distinguish patterns related to usage, lapse, and drop-offs and identified a wide array of trends across variables. The information we uncovered helped stakeholders understand the main attributes impacting user engagement and our use of readily available tools ensured an easy continuation of the analyses beyond our engagement.


The client now has a data-driven approach to understanding how a proposed change in the pricing model would impact the business and their consumers. With this understanding, our client was able to confidently recommend a direction to senior leadership. Additionally, the tools we developed enabled robust business intelligence reporting that continuously and easily monitored consumer behavior throughout product usage. With this knowledge our client could fine-tune products in real-time providing an enhanced consumer experience, which ultimately enabled our client to remain the leading language-learning software provider.