A Data Architecture to Support Enhanced Analytics in Insurance

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Sagence’s experience in data architecture and data lake implementation enabled a nationwide small business insurer to increase their use of analytics enterprise-wide with a focus on automation and increased efficiency.


The Chief Data and Analytics Officer’s  goal was to increase the use of analytics throughout the organization.  After completing an assessment and roadmap of the client’s current-state data ecosystem, Sagence was asked to help design and develop the future-state data architecture that would enable enhanced analytics, automation and improve efficiency.


Sagence worked with client IT teams and business subject matter experts to design a data architecture that included a cloud-based data lake and special purpose curated data stores.  We profiled data in all legacy systems and determined what needed to be included in the data lake.  We then completed an assessment and selected ETL software.  The ETL processes included data cleansing and QA checkpoints to ensure data integrity in the data lake.  Lastly, we analyzed and profiled data from multidimensional, non-RDBMS sources and built an automated workflow to extract flat reports to load into the data lake.


The data lake allowed the client to easily access data that had previously been siloed in several legacy systems.  It also facilitated the the creation of curated data stores for analytics and other specific purposes.  This in turn enabled the creation of new dashboards and reports to more efficiently manage the business.