A Cloud-Based Data Warehouse to Enable Self-Service BI

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Sagence implemented a data warehouse that allowed data scientists to properly source the data needed to prove program efficacy and respond more quickly to customer report requests.


At an online learning platform company, the management team was investigating options to build a data warehouse that would enable better reporting and allow the data scientists to properly source data needed to prove program efficacy. Many internal groups struggled to quickly respond to the requests of their customers because it took the data team an inordinate amount of time to develop custom reports to satisfy their specific needs. The process to create reports was inefficient and relied heavily on the IT team to source the datasets directly from transactional systems then pass through multiple analysts to create presentable reports to clients.


The Sagence team developed a cloud-based data warehouse that stores historical data pulled from the client’s main operating platform and is architected to ingest additional sources as the business evolves. The Sagence team worked with the client to gain alignment by properly defining business concepts and metrics and measures in a consistent manner. The client’s various functional teams can independently analyze their data without fearing their calculations will generate inconsistent or inaccurate results. The team also addressed critical data quality concerns to ensure data analysis is reliable based on the data stored in the data warehouse.


The team enabled client groups the ability to independently analyze their data without relying on their IT team as an intermediary, greatly increasing the speed of response to their client’s questions. The new metric structure ensured that this self-service data access was accomplished with a much greater degree of consistency than their previous processes. Additionally, the newly created data history provided the ability to develop time-series analysis to prove the value of their product and the positive impact they produce for their students.