At Sagence, we’ve found Chief Data Officers are part innovator, part technologist, and part optimizer – with the emphasis shifting as their firms become data-enabled. Sagence delivers the expert guidance required by senior executives tackling unique business challenges that come from managing data. Whether you carry the official CDO title or not, Sagence empowers executives to drive business forward with data.

The Innovator

Acts as a catalyst for innovation through the use of data and analytics. Pushes boundaries on what data can be used for, and the insights that can be derived from the enterprise’s data assets. Seeks to understand and forecast the role of data and analytics in future-state market(s). Encourages data-driven decisions, a fast-fail culture, and exploration of new approaches and business models.

  • Insight Development
  • Innovation
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Data Monetization
  • Advanced Analytic Models
  • Emerging Technologies
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The Technologist

Seeks to re-imagine the capabilities and functionality available to the business. Evaluates technologies, architectures, and data solutions with the intent of increasing business agility and the enterprise’s ability to manage complexity. Draws inspiration from an array of sources including different industries and competitors.

  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Solution Delivery (e.g., Agile)
  • Data Processing, Storage, and Access Tools
  • Emerging Technology Deployment
  • Data Security
  • Data Models & Taxonomies

The Optimizer

Ensures data systems, tools, and architecture are optimized, consistent, and efficiently supported. Institutes policies and procedures to ensure business, regulatory, and security priorities are addressed. Effectively prioritizes and manages data program portfolio, and provides structures for project execution. Works with business, IT, and other stakeholders to ensure maximum value of data and analytics investments.

  • Data Governance & Quality
  • Regulatory Adherence & Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Project & Program Management
  • Operational & Financial Management
  • Value and Risk Management
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