About Us

Sagence is a data focused consulting firm working with clients in information-intensive industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Higher Education and Retail. We specialize in data management and analytics, assisting our clients with the acquisition, evaluation and development of data assets. Contact us today to learn how we can help you leverage your data as an asset.

Our Position

We are a diverse team of...

Data Specialists,  Objective Advisors,  Thinkers and Doers

Our Value

Improving Decision Making & Innovation
Helping clients create better business outcomes by using their data more effectively

Asking the Right Questions
Identifying the high impact analytics for a client’s combination of industry, marketplace and strategy

Applying Decision Science Practically
Generating hypotheses, collecting data, analyzing, testing, and informing new decisions

Developing Information Assets
Identifying, unleashing, delivering and maintaining the hidden value in data

Delivering Innovative Solutions
Helping  clients with pragmatic innovation that acknowledges business, technical, economic and cultural constraints

Our Position

Our People

  • Professionals with industry experience as well as consulting
  • Critical thinkers who make fact-based recommendations
  • Data experts with hands-on data management skills
  • Collaborators focused on delivering business value

How We Work

Small, multi-disciplinary teams
We have comprehensive experience across the financial services, healthcare, insurance and retail industries, giving us deep and relevant business, data, and technology knowledge to deliver breakthrough, creative solutions

Providing objective thinking
We are objective advisors – agnostic to specific tools and solutions but experienced across a broad range of them

Working collaboratively with clients
We are highly collaborative with a mission to transfer knowledge and help clients build sustainable internal capabilities

Why Sagence?

Today, Value Creation Requires Enterprise Data


Emphasis on Hardware & Infrastructure…

Today, hardware is optimized and commoditized


Emphasis on Functional Software Applications…

Today, software is functionally mature and increasingly flexible


Emphasis on data & information flows…

Enterprise Data requires an architecture focus

Data & Information Flows Are Critical To Value Creation

  • Data consumption and analytical strategies need to accommodate large volumes of diverse information
  • A common understanding across business units requires an enterprise data and information architecture focus
  • Comingled internally and externally sourced data assets are critical inputs for decision making
  • Securing and governing access to data assets are as critical to a company’s success as accurate financial controls and recordkeeping have been in the past