Competing In A Data-Driven Environment

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We often hear from Chief Data Officers how can we better leverage our data investments to enable or transform our business? Sagence works with CDOs to develop enterprise data strategies that best position their organizations to meet business objectives. We start with the data and then assess and recommend new business processes, organizational structures, operating models, and relevant modern techniques. We also provide technology due diligence services to provide rapid insight and guidance on technology and data assets. At Sagence, we help organizations build portfolios of data-enabled capabilities.

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You have a portfolio of data-enabled capabilities such as data governance, master or reference data, and metadata management. There has been significant spend in time and resources, both financial and human capital. Your data investments have crossed into many areas of the business, adding to your responsibilities, visibility, and accountability. You need a partner who can wear as many hats as you: a business leader, thinker and advisor; a technologist with a pulse on the old and the new; and a data analyst who knows how to roll up her sleeves and actually touch the data. You’ll find all that at Sagence.

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Chief Data Officers spearhead strategies that differentiate their firms. They have influence over the very culture of their organization and external parties such as regulators and policy makers. Sagence works with senior leaders to create and implement advanced methods for sharing data across the enterprise with control and transparency, design semantic models that drive process and decision automation as well as financial and risk analysis, incorporate natural language processing to extract relevant information from unstructured data, and build data repositories that analytics teams will use.

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