Pioneering Innovative
Data Strategies

Data is your biggest asset. Our data experts collaborate with you to integrate innovative and effective solutions into your existing business.

Data Integrity’s Central Role in Financial Compliance

Regulatory demands have forced firms worldwide to reexamine their data assets. Sagence’s downloadable white paper “Data Integrity’s Central Role in Financial Compliance: Maintaining Regulatory Compliance with Dodd-Frank Rule 1.73,” provides a detailed case study of the specific impacts of data quality in this regard.

Automated Data Extraction for Ratings Research

A well-established financial ratings agency faced a challenge: it was no longer cost efficient to manually collect and process the scale of data required to provide their ratings. Sagence Knowledge Engineers utilized Natural Language Processing to automate the process.

Retail’s Foundation for the Future

As more consumers interact with digital capabilities, retailers have the ability to learn from, adjust, and highly personalize the consumer journey across each channel. We help our clients invest effectively in finding additional value in consumer data.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Supports Advanced Outcome Measures

Our client is a top-rated physical rehabilitation hospital in the country. They asked Sagence to help them transform into a data-driven organization that can quantitatively demonstrate the value of their services.

Data-centric Security Model Transforms Data Sharing Policy

A leading provider of open source operating systems and software products had underinvested in enterprise analytics and data governance capabilities, impeding their ability to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging marketplace. As part of an enterprise security framework initiative, Sagence deployed a data-centric security mechanism coupled with a multi-faceted entitlement framework to ensure appropriate information access, helping the client move from a “need-to-know” culture to an “ought-to-know" culture.

Controlled Data Sharing Framework Enables Enterprise Collaboration

A large financial services organization has a complex set of operating silos which process vast amounts of economic, regulatory, and financial operations data. All too often, this data remained hidden and unshared causing inefficiencies in operations and reduced enterprise value. Sagence worked with the client team to develop an environment where it was safe to share the appropriate level of data with new data consumers.